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One of my very good friends from home just said that to me as I was facebook chatting with her…and I believe those words to be 100 percent true.

I feel as though I have been very fortunate in my life to have found some really good and true friends; mostly from home since I went to school with the same group from Kindergarten throughout high school. Of course I was closer with some at some point and then closer with others are another time but nonetheless I had a large group of friends going into college. I am now going to talk about my very close friends because the group has dwindled down to just a handful.

One of my very oldest and best friends–Emily–has been there for me throughout pretty much everything life has thrown my way and I the same for her. We have been friends since kindergarten and have remained very very close since–a good 15 years. She is in Missouri for college while I’m in North Carolina but thankfully nothing has changed between us since we’ve gone to college or even in high school as we went to different schools then as well. She has literally been there when my Mom told me my Gran was not doing well and always knows when I’m upset or will always listen to me when I need an ear or a shoulder. I feel beyond blessed to have her in my life because we have a history and know one another so well and I think that is one of the best friendships you can have.

Next will come my best friend from high school…Miss Carlee….College has been a little hard for us to remain as close as we were in high school. We made it through the first year not really talking very much and I felt a little distant from her as I’m sure she felt from me. We had literally gone to school together and been together every day up until we went to college so it was an adjustment to say the least. Then a boy came into the picture and I think that just made it even harder for both of us; because we can’t deny how boyfriends affect friendships. It’s alway unintentional but somehow it happens anyways. We haven’t talked as much as I’d like but we are both busy and I understand that. I know though that we will always be friends and now whenever we do get the chance to talk we pick up where we left off and that is very encouraging to me. I love her like she should be my twin and I know I will always feel that way and I hope we will always be as we are or used to be.

Now my college best friend…Tay-LOR or Taco or Roomio or whatever other nickname she has….haha Now this is one friend that I am MORE than blessed to have in my life. She’s been mentioned quite a few times before in my posts but she is one of the greatest and most encouraging people I have ever met. She knows me so well and that is only after a year of knowing her. It’s kind of scary. She really helped me at Elon and was just always a constant support I felt I had in my life and now I don’t know what life would be like without her. I just feel so blessed. I feel very confident in saying that we will always be close friends no matter where life takes us.

I also have to mention my dear Theen who was so wise as to say this quote to me and it just always continues to ring true. Athena and I became friends junior year during golf and I’m so happy that we both played golf. I know that I can be completely honest with her and tell her exactly how I feel and if I think she is doing what she should and she feels the same about me. It’s nice to have someone who you know will give an honest opinion. I see a lot of myself in her and I think that is why we connect so much. She’s funny and always says “Katie Ann….come on–you know better.” or something similar to that. It’s like talking to my Mom sometimes but she just reinforces what my Mom does say. It’s just such a great thing to have a friend like that.

Sam-Buddy or Sahm– thankfully for us–we travel together very very well and that is exactly how we became friends. I have known Sam since kindergarten but really just started to become friends with her in high school because of youth trips and we always had so much fun together, always laughing and making fun of someone or something. What really brought us close together was our trip to Italy in June 2008 because we really only had one another and of course we like our luxuries but we didn’t have them so we had to make do and had fun doing that! It was quite the experience but it really helped our friendship grow and now we are so close even though she is in California and I’m in Italy or more regularly- in North Carolina. We will always Love the Rays. 🙂

Racquel as she has become known to me; a dear friend from the midwest that I found at Elon. Sometimes it scares me how similar we are in how we think and act and react to situations. I have found a trustworthy friend in her and that is also really needed and is very nice to have at Elon since I’m still working on my circle of friends there. We always laugh about how goofy we are but we can also talk serious and that is really important for me. It’s been hard being away from hanging out and seeing her like I did last semester but the few times we have talked I know that she will be another good friend that I can count on.

That is my “shout-out” list to all of my closest friends right now and I just want to thank each of you and every other friend I have for being there for me and supporting and loving me despite how I can be sometimes. I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with at times but without you I wouldn’t be as strong or even learn how to be less moody. I apologize for how I get sometimes but it’s just a part of how I am but I promise I will work better to be more positive and patient. I love you guys so so much and I hope you know how much I value our friendships and that I will no matter what.

All my love…


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